Unmanned Systems Research Consortium

Consortium Goals

Advancement of Unmanned Systems technologies is primary goal of the USRC. In addition to sharing resources for increasing statewide industry awareness and understanding national directions and policies, the USRC partners faculty, students and businesses to focus on development and performance evaluation of systems, platforms, components, sensors, and software.

USRC Membership

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Consortium-hosted industry events
    • At least twice a year
    • On neutral territory
    • Facilitates meeting and networking with others, for partnering and more
    • Sector-specific demonstrations (e.g., agricultural systems, security systems)
  2. Access to, and interactions with, students
  3. Access to, and interactions with, faculty experts
  4. Collaborative lab or flight performance demonstrations
    • Component performance
    • Pre-flight platform airworthiness & safety
    • Platform flight performance
  5. New products evaluation
    • Internet searches identifying and comparing alternatives
    • Aerial platform components (batteries, autopilots, antennas, etc.)
    • New sensors (cameras, etc.)
    • 3rd-party software
  6. Knowledge of current FAA actions and flight testing policies, procedures and timelines (as well as AMA, COA processing procedures, etc.)
  7. Demonstrations of composites fabrication, benchtop rapid prototyping, CFD software, wind-tunnel testing and other industry-standard processes

Consortium Memberships

Cost of industry membership in the Unmanned Systems Research Consortium (USRC) is $15,000/yr.

Affiliate Members contributing $5,000/yr participate in consortium-hosted events.