Unmanned Systems Research Consortium



Suzanne Weaver Smith, Mechanical Engr.

Deployable-wing UAS; systems engineering; workforce


Sean C. Bailey, Mechanical Engineering (pictured above)

UAS atmospheric measurements; experimental fluid dynamics; wind-tunnel testing; instrumentation


Jesse B. Hoagg, Mechanical Engineering

Control theory; nonlinear and adaptive control; multi-vehicle; control methods for damage and fault recovery


T. Michael Seigler, Mechanical Engineering

Flight dynamics and control; morphing aircraft; flapping-wing MAVs; perch landing


Michael P. Sama, Biosystems/Ag Engineering

Sensors and controls for precision agriculture; machine systems automation; remote sensing; GNSS testing


Joe Dvorak, Biosystems/Ag Engineering

Unmanned ground vehicles for precision agriculture


Tim Stombaugh, Biosys/Ag Engineering Extension

UAS and sensing for precision agriculture


Marco Contrares, Forestry

LiDAR sensing; forest/natural resource management


James E. Lumpp, Jr, Electrical/Computer Engr.

UAS control, dependable computing; rotorcraft


Bruce L. Walcott, Electrical/Computer Engr.

UAS design, non-linear control/estimation, rapid prototyping, UAS curriculum development


Ruigang Yang, Computer Science

3D computer vision, immersive displays, LIDAR/image analysis for remote sensing and simulation/training 


Nathan Jacobs, Computer Science

Computer vision; motion and video analysis; machine learning/ recognition; remote sensing/ image processing


Jeremy Crampton and Susan Roberts, Geography

Clark Graves and Brad Rister, Kentucky Transportation Research Center


Other UK faculty as efforts require and evolve